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When leaving

It seems odd to explain how to do when leaving, but it might be helpful so that you know exactly what should be done from the very beginning:

- I shan’t probably be there when you leave, sorry for that,

- You need to give us back all key bunches that have been given when arriving, and this is not a very easy task when you are many around the house:

  • one of you should be in charge of keys from the very beginning,
  • you are usually given (a) little colour bucket(s) so that you can keep your keys safe,
  • please make th(is)ese bucket(s) available for all of you in a strategic place,
  • so that all guests know where they should put them back before leaving,
  • and you keep them in the bucket until the end of your stay,

- No cleaning to be done for overniht stays or if you have asked for the optional cleaning charge for longer stays... You should know whether you paid for it

- In case you have broken anything, please let us know and give us a contributions so that we can replace it without any incidence on the security deposit,

- Will you please write a few lines in our guest book or on internet, so that we all know how much you enjoyed your stay, and check you haven’t forgotten anything inside,

- ... and will you please then close all windows and entry doors, and have the last necessary key dropped in La Berverie letterbox in the hallway before you just shut the entrance door,

Thank you for your concern for all these details,