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When arriving

You mentioned on the contract what time you intend to arrive

- Will you please arrive at the agreed time,

- Thank you for ringing or texting a quarter of an hour before arriving so that we are ready to welcome you properly, and precise what entry phone you have to use

- Please inform us of any delays to your planned arrival time: This is particularly important if you are expected during the evening, as we cannot arrange someone to wait too long for you. Sorry for that.

For short and long stays, I shall do my best so that you feel welcome in la Berverie, for overnight stays though, you are usually in a hurry, and I shall do my best to be as quick as possible.

When arriving, you need to pay the rest of the fee and be given keys and details about your stay. I can help you organise some activities too if you wish.

NB: Please be careful about the number of key bunches that will be given you and that should stay in a color bucket with sb in charge of it until they are all given back when leaving.