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Overnight or longer stay?

Choose Overnight Stays when you spend the night and eventually wish to get your breakfast ready
- Beds are prepared and towelling provided
- no cleaning before leaving
- Access to the garden is restricted during the night and early morning, unless the whole house is privatised.
- If your budget is a little tight or you do not yet know exactly who will be arriving, you can book for a Family fare that is cheaper because you bring your own linen and toweling, and change it later on when you know who will sleep there.

Choose all other short Stays such as Weekends or MidWeeks or Full Weeks that are Medium stays or Long Stays that last 4 weeks or more, if you wish to spend some time as if at home, with possible additional services such as:
- bedlinen and towelling delivery
- &Beds prepared when arriving
- a fixed cleaning charge [1], that is always included for the Studio Room downstairs

For all short or Long Stays you can invite friends and have a party but should have no more sleeps than indicated.

- Fares are different depending on the sort of stay you wish, and are cheaper during the Mid-Week .

[1with a fee that is different for all parts of the house