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Inviting at la Berverie

La Berverie is an exceptionnal venue for Private Events: "Only You" with many Guests , you will "Feel At Home" all througout the Party !

  • "Around the Garden" is the good choice for Private Events in both Winter and Summer, with no impediment to the aged and disabled either ground floor with one reception Room and the garden, or upper floor with two reception rooms.
  • "Around the ouststanding Stairwell" is the good choice if you are not too many and preferably in the winter as you might regret not being able to have a garden party in case the weather is really good.

"Around the Garden"

Private Events in both Winter and Summer
at La Berverie

2 Reception Rooms Upstairs and a 3rd one Downstairs

Entrance hall, Stairwell and Garden

5 Bedrooms
4 bathrooms and 4 toilets

- On good days, you may wish to have a party in the garden
- Upstairs, in both Winter and Summer, you can prepare a welcome drink in the living room, and then have 30 people for dinner seated around 4 round tables in the large main Room, or have a cocktail party for 60 guests in the 2 Reception rooms altogether upstairs.
- The Ground Floor Reception Room will be used either for a welcome cocktail, or as a dance floor which is good for other guests that can stay quiet upstairs, or as a fallback solution in case the weather is bad and the party was organised outdoors in the garden.
- The Entrance Hall, can be used as a cloakroom in the winter or as a shelter for a buffet in the right season in case of possible bad weather.

Note: If all the 3 reception rooms are so used, 5 rooms are still available for guests that wish to retire early,


"Around the ouststanding Stairwell"

Intimate Receptions
La Berverie

2 Reception Rooms Upstairs

4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 toilets
and the outstanding Stairwell

Garden and Entrance Hallway to be shared with other possible guests

Careful: if you wish to have a garden party or a dance, you need to book for The Whole of La Berverie "Around the Garden" which allows you to be safe indoors in case of bad weather and dance downstairs which is much safer !

- The full Upper Floor is not suitable for Receptions so as not to disturb people in the Studio Room downstairs.
- Cleaning Charge is compulsary in case of receptions in La Berverie