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How many of you should sleep in LaBerverie?

Depending on how many you are and the length of your stay you may book part or the whole of La Berverie,

* 15 People sleeping in separate double rooms for Overnights:

- You can sleep 15, in double bedrooms, in all 8 rooms of la Brverie, or more accurately 5 bedrooms and another 3 rooms,
- In case you all wish to have independant rooms, you will sleep 14, with the sitting room downstairs available for easily meeting up with the others,
- Similarly, if you accept to share a room but not a bed with sb else, you will sleep 14,
- And if you all wish to have your own room, you will sleep 8,
... and you will have breakfast in the dining room downstairs, or in the garden close to the river when the weather is fine.

* For a longer stay, you will feel more comfortable with a common space available day and night where nobody sleeps :

- In the 3-room Unit Downstairs for 5 you will sleep 2 or 3 in the bedroom, with occasionally one or 2 other people in the sitting room,
- In the 4-room Unit UpStairs for 8 you will sleep up to 6 with 2 in each room with proper beds, with occasionally one or 2 other people in the living room ,
- When renting the Full Upper Floor you will sleep 8 and have either the Large Main Room or the living room as a Common Space,
- and in the Whole of La Berverie, 3 of you need to share a room with a single and a double bed, so that you sleep 15 and have a Common Space and all the others sleep 2 in a room .

Note: If you use the sitting room downstairs as a Common Space, all rooms become independant, and none will be disturbed by somebody who needs to move at night... and if the15 of you wish to sit at the same table, you need to have it upstairs in the living room or the large Main Room.

* 10 to 12 People for Residential Seminars:

- You will have your activity in the large Main Room and meals in a dining room for 12, with 6 independant rooms, where you will sleep 12, 2 in each room and 10 or 11 people only if you accept to share a room but not your bed,
- And if you are 12 and do not wish to share your bed, you need to have lunch and dinner in a restaurant nearby which is very easy as there are quite a few in a very close area.

* with a maximum of 15 persons because of security reasons