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5-room Full UpperFloor for 8

Full Upper Floor for 8 Persons
4-room Unit for 8 Upstairs & Large Main Room

i.e. a living room AND 4 separate bedrooms

a fully equipped kitchen

2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and stairwell

Entrance Hall and Garden to be shared with possible other guests in the house

- Once you’ have passed the Entrance hall, you feel "at Home" with a Private use of the stairwell that is so pleasant and elegant.You may keep all your personal belongings in it, and it makes available for your private use an extra toilet with basin on the ground floor,

- Having an extra Room available, you 8 will easily spend a long time in La Berverie with separate bedrooms and a living room where you will meet up and have dinners with the others

About sleeping:
- If you choose to use the large main room as a living room, you can be sleeping 8, 2 persons in seperate rooms, with 2 or 3 double beds and 2 or 4 single beds,... in other words, two couples, 2 single persons, and the last 2 can share a bed or not
- But the 8 of you can can prefer having your own bed , if 3 of you share the large main Room, and you meet up in the ordinary living room.

Note: You will not be allowed to have a party in the main room when renting the Full Upper Floor, so that our other guests in the Studio Room downstairs are not disturbed.