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Large Main Room Upstairs

A magnificent and bright lounge more than 30 m2, upstairs with an outstanding view on the river Seine, panellings and clearance.

You may invite friends and have a party in it, use it as a living room, or use it as a bedroom [1]

Main Room of the Whole house, it can be added to the 4 other rooms upstairs in the Full Upper Floor, and possibly with the extra Studio Room Downstairs for 2 included in the 6-room Unit for 10

Advantages: a very clear room overlooking the river Seine thanks to the 2 large windows on both sides, woth an unforgettable sight at sunset on sunny days all along the year.
- If you intend to entertain in the garden and the weather is finaly not very safe, you can prefer to do it in the main Room Upstairs,
- 30 people can be seated for a dinner in it when renting the whole of La Berverie,
- You will enjoy sitting by the fireplace in Winter

... Some enjoy meeting up every year in La Berverie for a bridge tournament weekend with 3 tables and 12 players

This Large Main Room Upstairs can also be rented on its own for Seminars and Workshops

  • ... pour des conférences

    ... pour des conférences

  • ... pour y dormir

    ... pour y dormir

  • ... pour y jouer au bridge

    ... pour y jouer au bridge

  • Fenêtres côté rue Grande

    Fenêtres côté rue Grande

Access to a cloakroom with basin downstairs, but no bathroom.



  • Grand salon premier étage

[12 double sofa-beds and 2 single sofa-beds and a round table that can be extended up to 4 meters long, 3 other round tables on request