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Short & Long Stay Contracts

Contracts for Short or Long Stays are 2 or 3 pages and full of details:

In the first one or 2 pages you will find:
- a short description of the accomodation
- the full price and the 30% advance fee of the full price to be paid when booking
- options for cleaning [1] and bedlinen and towelling are offered,
- amount of the security deposit that should be paid when arriving, and will be returned within a week of departure
- on top part of the contract is written when the booking should be confirmed so that it might not be cancelled
- Tourism taxes that are not optional

General booking conditions on the last page of the contract.

To be considered:
- Routine expenditure (electricity, water and heating) are included in the price for short and one week stays, and even for 2 week stays for part of La Berverie, but will be charged otherwise
- a short description of the lodging could be drawn up for periods one week or more, and should be done more seriously with you at both beginning and end of the rental for long stays 4 weeks or more.

[1unless you have no choice for Weddings or Parties taking place the day before you leave when none of you can be in charge of the cleaning because time is too short