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6-room Unit sleeping 10

You will feel "at Home" in all rooms accessed via the stairwell...

6-room Unit sleeping 10

5-room Full Upper Floor & Studio Downstairs

in other words

one living room and 5 seperate rooms sleeping 10
a fully equipped kitchen and a kitchen corner
3 bathrooms, 3 toilets and the stairwell

with Hallway and Garden to be shared with our other possible Guests

- Once you’ have passed the Entrance hall, you feel "at Home" with a Private use of the stairwell that is so pleasant and elegant.You may keep all your personal belongings in it, and it makes available for your private use an extra toilet with basin on the ground floor,
- You can sleep 10, and sometimes 11 for overnight stays
- The 10 of you will easily spend a long time in La Berverie with a living room where you will meet up and have dinners with the others and separate bedrooms for 2.
- but you can be far more than 15 for a party indoors in this exceptionnal setting for private events!

This 6-room Unit sleeping 10 associated with its Cleaning Charge is the perfect formula if you wish to have a party in the winter and you are not too many

Careful: if you wish to have a garden party or dance, you need to book for The Whole of La Berverie which allows you to be safe indoors in case of bad weather, or dance downstairs which is much safer !