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Weekend and MidWeek

When you choose any Short or Long Stay rentals, you will feel "At Home in la Berverie", free to organize and do what you want and use all facilities and equipments available in whatever part of La Berverie [1] you rent.

Different Short Stay formula: Weekends and MidWeeks

Your stay should be or fit in any of these different following formula :
- Regular Weekends are Short two night-Stays in La Berverie from Friday 18:00 until Sunday before 18:00 usually, and eventually on request from Saturday 18:00 until Monday before noon,
- Extended Weekends if you wish to arrive one day earlier or stay one day more or in case of (FRENCH!) bank holiday weekends,
- Midweek from Monday 18:00h until Friday 12:00, without any bank holidays [2].

All arrivals at 18:00 or so, if you wish to arrive earlier at noon, we could arrange it with an extra fee.

For shorter periods, see Overnight Stay Sleeps 2 to 15 people when you just wish to sleep there.

For longer periods, see Medium Stays or LongStays

[1No Short Stay formula for Nicolas Poussin Bedroom on its own, but only when included in the Gîte for 10 or 15 people

[2Weekend or Long Weekend formula during the Midweek in case of bank holidays.