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We offer overnight stays from 4pm until the day after before noon:

  • Beds are prepared and bathroom toweling provided
  • unless too short a notice, or you wish to bring your own linen and toweling and therefore have a special Family fare,
  • Breakfast is not included
  • Access to the garden is restricted during the night and early morning, unless the whole house is privatised.
  • You can sometimes be offered your room earlier,
  • and you sometimes may leave later when no other client is awaited.

You are invited to have your breakfast here at your own time once you’ve been out and bought French Baguettes or croissants at the local boulangerie, at a 5 minute walk by the river which is real pleasure in the morning while coffee and tea are getting ready, unless you prefer to have it delivered by a partner of ours which we can organise for you. You can otherwise have it in one of the many restaurants and cafés nearby with no view on the river though.

Depending on your number and the level of comfort and intimacy you claim for, you will sleep in different parts of the house.

On a regular basis from 46 to 66€ per night and per person with beds prepared and towelling provided and without any breakfast for a minimum of 2 or 3 persons,
- fares change depending on the number of persons sharing the same facilities,
- Discounts are offered when possible for longer stays

NB: Overnights stays are perfect when you only wish to sleep and have a rest and breakfast there, but you must choose the other formula if you wish to cook, or have a party organised in La Berverie.