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Our Offer

Peace and tranquillity in this old mansion house with an extraordinary location on a meander of the river Seine, right in the centre of the old town of Les Andelys, with the famous Château-Gaillard castle just above...

La Berverie is an old brick and half-timbered mansion house, its garden is overlooking the river Seine and the path that everyone loves to walk on...

With its magic view over the Seine, La Berverie is the ideal place for a stay when you want to "Feel At Home" with friends or family, for relaxing, visiting the area, or celebrating special events and have a party !

You will enjoy for sure the charm of the old combined with full modern comfort, lovely high ceilings, and large and elegant spaces !

The sunset on the river is just sublime !

... all details for creating everlasting happy memories.

Either with friends or your family, La Berverie is the perfect place for celebrating special events or have a party, but you can also join with others and spend a while together, although you wish to feel independent, share a common room only and have a different lodging for each.

Depending on how many you are and your interests you may book Part or the whole of La Berverie, prices will depend 2nd on how long you stay there.