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... or Part of the House

in Whole or in Part? Depending on how many you are and the level of comfort you need, you can choose to book different part of the house, with a different budget of course

You may wish to rent the whole of La Berverie sleeping 15 for you and your loved ones only, with 9 rooms, hallway, stairwell and garden,
- you can choose to meet up with with very close friends or family and feel independant though thanks to all kitchens
- but you can be far more than 15 for a party, indoors or outdoors, in this exceptionnal setting for private events,

However, If you are not as many as that, you will prefer to be "On Your Own" in different parts of the house, See below. You will enjoy all parts of the house as if you were at home, but will need to share the garden with others arriving from different parts of the world that you could possibly make new friends of...