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Once you have checked the availability and precised the type of booking you wish Overnight or longer Stays potentially with the help of our Fares Overview , you should then secure your booking:

If you know exactly what day when you want or need to be in la Berverie, you may start and Contact Us in order to check the availability, and ask for an Option for part or the whole of la Berverie before deciding what sort of services you wish.

If you are fluent enough in French, you may>>> Book on line or ask an option for Overnights, Weekends or Midweeks through our Fares Overview

>>> For all other requestsContact Us or if your French is not good enough either on line or ringing.

Please mention how many people with you and what sort of booking you wish, overnight or longer stays

You will be quickly answered and sent the corresponding contract, either an Overnights Contract or a Longer Stays Contract that should ideally be sent back immediately with the requested advance fee.

When receiving the contract, please check when the contract should be sent back. Be careful in case we have not received any confirmation by this date, your booking might be cancelled
- please fill in all blank spaces in the contract, tick all options you need, mention what time you wish to be expected in la Berverie, and sign all pages the contract before sending it back
- Payment of the advance fee should be done either by a check or through a bank transfer, when given our bank account references. If short of time, you might be asked to give your credit card details.

Your booking becomes effective when all details have been checked and the receipt of the contract and advance fee have been acknowledged in an email, although the precise time of your arrival mmight be agreed later on.